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Agricultural Solar Systems

Electricity is one of the highest monthly expenses on many farms. Solar Power helps farmers reduce to cut that high monthly expense so that cash can be used to support the farm in other ways. Reliably and consistently reducing expenses helps increase profit and ensure higher profitability..

Benefits & Incentives of Adding Solar to Your Business

Business owners have many options available to control electricity costs. You can purchase the solar farm system outright or finance the entire solar energy system. No matter which route you choose to go, here are some of the benefits:

Transform a monthly cost into a performing asset for the next 20 + years

+4* years return on investment, typically, depending on your individual financial factors*

Improves cash flow to invest in other areas of your business

Capital allocation may enhance your tax*.

Reduces high electricity costs by 50-60%

Reduces operating expenses to increase operational efficiency

We design, supplied and construct a 60kW solar system on 9 Dorf Farms comprising of Risen Solar Panels and Fronius Inverters. The 60kW solution will generate approximately 100,519kWh in the first year delivering savings of around $40,700 and a reduction in Green House Gas Emissions of 107.6 Tonnes.

You can control most aspects of your business So, Why not electricity

With utility rates increasing and operating budgets receiving more scrutiny than ever, businesses are using solar to turn otherwise non-performing assets such as rooftops and undeveloped land into energy-saving, self-generating solar energy investments.

Developing solar assets at prime business location(s), self-generation allows you to reduce your electricity costs and adds to the bottom line for decades to come. A properly engineered solar array works much like a 25 35 year annuity except it is not affected by economic upturns and downturns. Rather, its performance is based on the sun’s rays.

Your business may benefit from the financial advantages* that solar can provide.

Just like an irrigation system or new plant equipment, solar energy system not only is an asset which may have a Tax Incentive but will also save you money.

Solar Pump Systems

Solar Pump kit can be used by a manual controller or mobile app, installation of the solar panels will provide the energy to pump the water around your property. We can pump water without having to invest in a generator set (with the consequent consumption of diesel).

Invest in Solar & Batteries

  • When you first get in touch with us, a team member will answer any questions you have, learn more about your business and energy use, and get you scheduled to speak to a solar consultant.
  • Before the on-site consultation, we’ll request the latest power bills for your business to identify energy cost and to calculate solar energy savings.
  • During your site inspection, we’ll use tools to measure shading, investigate potential electrical issues to provide an accurate proposal.
  • While onsite your solar consultant will provide a detailed overview of available products and a financial analysis showing all the costs, savings, and benefits of a solar energy system for your business.
  • Once the proposal is accepted and deposit paid, our team will install your PV system on your schedule.

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