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Ground Mounted

Ground Mounted Solar Installations

Ground Mounted PV Arrays are ideal for properties with substantial land space and especially popular for farms as they can benefit from the financial advantages that solar energy. A key benefit for ground mounted installations is that they can be placed in locations that receive maximum sun exposure generating more energy and savings. Learn more about the benefits of ground mounts below.

Benefits & Incentives of Adding Solar to Your Business

The homeowner has many options available to control electrical costs. You can purchase the PV system outright, finance a percentage of it, or finance the entire solar energy system. No matter which route you choose to go, here are some of the benefits:

Reduces dependence on fossil fuels

Solar can provide energy to your home and property when the power is out

Adds resale value to your property

Saves money on current energy bills & hedges against rising cost of power in the future

Government Solar Rebates

Alternative energy creates a legacy of environmental sustainability for future generations

What to Expect

  • When you get in touch with us, our team will answer any questions you have and advise on common misconceptions related to PV installations.
  • Our sales team will perform on online evaluation of your property to ensure viability for the project and set up on on-site consultation.
  • Before the site inspection, we’ll request one year’s worth of power bills to identify energy and cost savings.
  • During your site inspection, we’ll use tools to measure shading, investigate potential electrical issues, and factor these things in to ensure the quote you received is accurate.
  • Once the proposal is accepted our team will install your PV system on your schedule.

Why Choose GENSOL ENERGY for Your Ground Mounted Installation?

An inadequately designed solar energy system can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in the long term, that’s why it’s important to partner with our team that you can trust who has proven experience. Our Clean Energy Council Certified Licensed Electricians and Installers work with our CEC Certified Engineers to finalise the layout and design that will optimize your energy system.

We will help you maximise any available incentives, take advantage of cost- saving opportunities, and guide you through any necessary paperwork required. Additionally we will ensure your system complies with all local & state codes and regulations such as permitting, zoning and land use.

Once your system is installed, we will deliver all product service warranties and provide our own 10-year workmanship warranty, so you can be assured you have a clean energy partner for years to come.

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