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Solar Farm

Solar Farm

Solar farms are large scale solar installations, these are ground-mounted structure that can be custom built and positioned at the optimal angle and orientation to harness the suns power.

There are different types of large solar projects, like community solar farms and utility-scale solar farms. Some solar projects, like those built to power data centers or other large users of solar power, have solar farms built purely for their own use.

Skybury Coffee 80kW Solar Farm

4 x 20kW Solar arrays using 320 x 250W Phono Solar panels, 4 x 20kW SMA inverters, SMA Cluster controller, Comap Export control Switching Relay equipment and a 4G Sim modem for 365 days, 24 hour monitoring.

The system was designed and utilised to reduce grid consumption for daytime irrigation of Coffee and Papaya plantations. The 80kW Solar array offset daily energy usage for 58kW of large volume irrigation pumps.

The system Payback & ROI was under 4 years.

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