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Battery Storage

Energy storage (batteries) is the fastest developing element of renewable energy today. A battery storage system that is properly integrated with your PV Solar Array will provide you with the ability to control how and when you choose to use your energy.

These systems remove uncertainty from the equation and provide you with peace of mind and additional cost benefits.

Our Products

Tesla Powerwall2

Powerwall integrates with solar to store excess energy generated during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimizing reliance on your utility.


BYD home battery storage solutions combine safe and reliable battery technology with intelligent energy management software.

Alpha ESS

Alpha ESS is one of the leading residential energy storage solution and service providers.

The residential energy storage solution covers 3 ~ 10 kW, and this range is predominantly designed for PV self-consumption, back-up power, load shifting and off-grid solutions for household applications.

Commercial Battery

Energy Storage can help mitigate the demand charges allowing your business to flatten demand peaks by drawing from stored solar energy rather than grid energy when your demand peaks.

Maximise the Value of Solar Energy

During the daytime, while many people are away from the home at work or school, your solar energy system may produce more power than the home needs.

This means that excess solar power sent back to the grid loses some of its financial value compared to when it is used in the home.

Your battery or energy storage system can ensure that you maximise the value of your solar energy system by ensuring every clean kWh that your solar energy produces gets used in the home.


Benefits of Adding Battery & Energy Storage

Adding Battery & Energy Storage Provides Critical Benefits to Commercial & Residential Properties Including:

Optimizing your PV system by capturing excess energy produced to be used later on site

Allows you to use clean self-generated power in your home or business

Providing greater independence & autonomy from the grid

Provides backup power to protect your property from a power outage using solar and storage

Lowers your utility costs by by utilizing more of your own solar

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