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Government Solar Systems

The cost of the solar power system has fallen substantially, helping to provide reliable, clean energy for more Australian families and businesses. We are proud to offer a wide range of expertise across multiple government organisations to help you choose the right solar energy option for your energy goals!

As part of this partnership, we worked closely with each school and designed each system to meet specific performance ratios and maintain high utilisation of the solar energy produced. The systems were purposefully designed to be up to but not over 99kW as this is the maximum system size clients are able to claim the upfront STC rebate. The schools will benefit from significant energy cost savings and significant reductions in carbon emissions

Benefits & Incentives of Adding Solar to Your Business

Business owners have many options available to control electricity costs. You can purchase the solar farm system outright or finance the entire solar energy system. No matter which route you choose to go, here are some of the benefits:

Transform a monthly cost into a performing asset for the next 20 + years

+4* years return on investment, typically, depending on your individual financial factors*

Improves cash flow to invest in other areas of your business

Capital allocation may enhance your tax*.

Reduces high electricity costs by 50-60%

Reduces operating expenses to increase operational efficiency

*Ask your accountant if any others apply – ROI dependent on rate structure and usage.

Microgrid solar system assisting rural communities with power, while been cost effective for local governments.

Invest in Solar & Batteries

  • When you first get in touch with us, a team member will answer any questions you have, learn more about your business and energy use, and get you scheduled to speak to a solar consultant.
  • Before the on-site consultation, we’ll request the latest power bills for your business to identify energy cost and to calculate solar energy savings.
  • During your site inspection, we’ll use tools to measure shading, investigate potential electrical issues to provide an accurate proposal.
  • While onsite your solar consultant will provide a detailed overview of available products and a financial analysis showing all the costs, savings, and benefits of a solar energy system for your business.
  • Once the proposal is accepted and deposit paid, our team will install your PV system on your schedule.

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